Smile like you mean it.

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You'll never actually know all of me, I am what I show you. This is because I am many things. I’m a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, best friend, a student, a partner. I’m confident, shy, excitable, outgoing. I’m selfish, generous, frightened, hopeful, determined, loving. I’m sick, tired, careful, careless, reckless, impulsive, emotional, jealous, and stoic. I'm hurt, happy, loved. I’m a broken whole, misunderstood, judged. I’m a handful of oxymorons, conflictions, and contradictions. Please just love me for who I am.


If you cried 0 times while watching Lost, you’re not an actual human being.



one time i stayed up watching lost even though i had a huge calc exam the next day because i wanted sayid get it in

You know you're bored and a little too obsessed with Lost when...


You’re watching One Direction videos with your little sister and all you can think about is how each member looks like they could be the offspring of some Lost ships and then start to give them names and shit. My list goes as follows:

  1. Zayn Malik = Salim Jarrah, son of Sayid and Shannon. Obvs…

Why, are you worried about me?
So what if I am?
I’ll be fine.

Why, are you worried about me?

So what if I am?

I’ll be fine.

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being hit with random shannon/sayid feels is like

i was trying to go about my day without crying thank you very much